A very common phenomenon is the so-called "Kory above psychosis", which is an alcoholic disoriented, my short-term memory disorder, I cannot remember (instill) new phenomena and information. May forget what happened in the near past.

Most of the gaps in memory unconsciously replace fabrications.

It's not lying in the true sense, but distortion incomplete memories. But mostly I cannot remember a fictional version of this and thinking coincides in disorientation and confusion. This news is Resource by: http://health.proconview.com/somanabolic-muscle-maximizer/

Furthermore gradually appears alcoholic dementia and everything completes permanent disorder of the psyche and intellect.

Memory impairment following single or short drink, "window", are reversible and the aftermath of a hangover brain works normally again. But one term alcohol consumption can remember.
"Window" is referred to scientists constitute only about 40 percent of the population and is due to the effects of alcohol on different brain receptors.

Games on the brain works like a charm
Games to remember and more are in training the brain and maintaining mental health a great choice, plus you will have fun.

For example, scrabble or poxes’ able to expand your vocabulary and improve agility, while card games improve memory and help develop mental strategies rapidly and virtually effortless.

Learn to relax
Stress is one of the most dangerous factors which influence the cognitive functions.


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    December 2013